Business Intelligence for Security Operations.

Cyber Security Metrics and Reporting

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Managed Security Services

Provide your clients with a personalized security analytics and reporting service at a fraction of the investment.


Security Assessments

Make your assessments quick and non-invasive for clients. Provide them real results, reduce churn and increase CLV.


Security Operations Centers

Improve the relationship and build trust between Security Operations and the rest of the business.

GreySpark is the industry leading business intelligence system designed specifically for Security Operations, Analytics and Reporting.

  • Communicate Value to Clients

    Easily demonstrate cyber security program performance and success to your clients.

  • Increase Profitability

    Manage significantly more clients in less time, while delivering better results.

  • Position Yourself as a Strategic Partner

    Improve your ability to retain clients and provide premium services.

  • Quick and Painless Deployment

    Initial deployment can be complete within weeks, and new clients added in less than 45 minutes.

“Greyspark provides an instant visual representation of our cyber security posture. With their cloud-based technology, we can quickly drill down into the data to discover what impacted our risk score - no long waiting for queries to finish. In addition, FourV systems has built a robust flexible system which can ingest many kinds of data available now, and could easily be adapted for future data types.”


Kevin T. Johnston, Cyber Security Manager, SRC, Inc.

"Making informed decisions about cybersecurity in today’s environment is challenging. Past performance and historic data are not effective indicators of current or future risk. Partnering with FourV allows us to offer our clients solutions that give executive leaders the real-time, actionable insight they need to make smart decisions about cyber security."


Cyber Security Team, PSA Financial

"We chose to partner with FourV because our services are ideal complements for those with cybersecurity needs. FourV established an attentive partnership with us that immediately became relationship-focused with a long-term outlook. It’s truly a channel-first accord that benefits from their ability to see the big picture in our alliance."


Cyber Security Team, TSC Advantage

"FourV Systems has been great vendor for us to work with. They not only have a great technology but they are very responsive and truly relationship focused. They have a long term perspective that we look forward to growing our business together. "


Cyber Security Team, CNI Sales

"Our partnership with FourV distinguishes us from other VARs and MSSPs because instead of contributing to the complexity of and ever-growing number of products within our customer's networks, we are validating their past investments and justifying their current and future information security budgets. FourV's top down approach is unique."


Cyber Security Team, GuidePoint Security

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