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Measurement, Diagnostics and Communication of IT Security Risk

Practical Model for the analysis and visualization of Key Risk Indicators


Knowing your cyber risk is more than just counting threats and vulnerabilities


Innovation to address new threats requires objective knowledge of where you are now


Leaders need factual metrics to measure performance and risk in their company’s cyber posture


Simplify the Complexity of Information
Technology Risk

  • Establish, report and track key performance indicators – the vital signs of IT security operations

  • Maintain effective and continuous communication between business managers and IT

  • Integrate IT security operations into business conversations

  • Gauge the impact of IT decisions on the corporate risk spectrum


  • Leverages existing tools and sensors to measure IT security health

  • Reports a simple, up-to-date score reflecting the IT risk of an organization

  • Enables the CISO to effectively communicate with business managers

  • Builds confidence in the overall health of IT security operations

  • Closes the gap between organizational risk management and IT


A Strong Foundation in Security, Risk and Industry

Evolved from solutions developed for critical national programs, GreySpark was built in collaboration with operations and business risk management professionals. It is specifically designed for use by non-technical managers and executives and combines subject matter expertise and standards from common frameworks such as NIST and CIS.

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