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Providing Power From Perspective

We help you make sense of the mountains of disparate cyber security data sources in your environment, empowering you to effectively prioritize events and take action in a meaningful way.

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Core Values


Simplify the Complex

Everything we do is aimed at taking complex data and making it simple enough to make actionable, informed decisions.


Be Humble

Recognizing how hard cyber security is, we hold the work our clients do in high regard and only aim to support their efforts to succeed.


Solve for the Business

Technical solutions can not exist simply because they are interesting. All of our work relies heavily on pulling in business context.


Our Mission

Our mission is to simplify the complex landscape of cyber security performance and help organizations make the right decisions faster.

Our Vision

Our vision for the future of cyber security operations is that every organization will be able to articulate, with confidence, exactly how well their program is performing.


Get Power From Perspective

See how GreySpark can provide the perspective you need to effectively manage your IT security operations.

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Our Story

FourV Systems is an SRC Company. We leverage more than 60 years of defense and intelligence know-how at SRC, Inc. and build upon a foundation of technology leaders who are experts in cyber security and big data.

Stop Analyzing. Start Acting.

We want to improve your security operations right away. Installation is quick and painless, and you start getting meaningful insights in as little as a few hours or days.








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