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Quantifying Risk, Assessing Defense Effectiveness.

At FourV Systems, we come to work every day because we want to solve one of the biggest problems in cyber security. Everyone is guessing how much risk they have and how well their defenses are working. Spending on defenses keeps going up, yet cyber incidents continue to grow in number and severity. Security practitioners deploy layers upon layers of protection in an effort to create barriers and defenses in depth. This very complexity has become the enemy of security.  Business leaders cannot manage cyber risk, because there is no language to describe it in business or monetary terms, and insurance companies struggle to underwrite cyber risk, because they cannot assess it.

Modern businesses use data to make more informed decisions. At FourV we use machine learning and statistical analytics to calculate Cyber Risk Indicators from existing system and security sensor data in organizations to identify, quantify and manage IT risk. We lift the fog from cybersecurity operations performance, calculating performance indicators of actual risk, mapping these to controls and value, and effectively giving technical and business leadership the ability to accept, manage or transfer cyber risk – the same as any other risk.

FourV Systems is an SRC Company.  We leverage more than 60 years of defense and intelligence know-how at SRC, Inc. and build upon a foundation of technology leaders who are experts in cybersecurity and big data.

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Our team comes to work every day because we want to solve one of the biggest problems in cyber security. Our diverse backgrounds enable us to tackle this problem head on.

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