How do Security Advisories Efficiently Communicate the Maturity and Performance of Client Security Operations?

Providing cyber security assessments is a core capability that security advisory services provide customers. Nevertheless,  assessment methods have hardly progressed past the invasive and costly practice of manually collecting information about the architecture, maturity and performance of client security operations.  

In order to provide value, security advisories need to progress beyond, "Show me your watch, and I'll tell you what time it is," while burdening the client with disruptions.

Differentiating yourself from your competitors means providing useful insights without unduly interfering with operations.  Moving to an automated data collection process that results in an actionable road map for improving security performance and maturity will take your cyber security assessment services from good to great and your customers will thank you by inviting you back.

Although automated data collection requires a shift in your approach to cyber security assessment, both you and your customers will see the benefits that it yields. Through automation and standardization, you can spend less time on the tedious assessment process and more time on remediation, ultimately proving your worth as a provider by delivering more value for your customers.

"Helping customers understand the business value of the security operations that we provide is crucial. The GreySpark platform allows us to easily communicate this value to our customers as well as provide risk-based insight to our analysts. "


Jason Wolford, PM Rackspace Managed Security Practice

Resources for Improved Security Operations

GreySpark is the Solution

GreySpark is designed to improve the management of security operations while making it easier to communicate value to the rest of the business.


Make Recommendations Faster

Provide clients direct recommendations without a lengthy analysis time period.


Create a Competitive Advantage

Grow your business, provide consistent results and set your services apart from competitors.


Track Tangible Metrics

Provide metrics that are immediately translatable into recommendations for program improvement.

Power From Perspective

View your security operations from all the right angles to see what your risks are, where they are coming from, and which ones to tackle first.

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