How Do You Mitigate Cyber Risk for Your Organization with Limited Resources and Overwhelming Data?

As someone who oversees the identification and assessment of risks for your business, you know how critical it is to be able to do so in a way that not only ensures compliance (a risk in and of itself), but also to clearly understand the risk to the operation and financial health of the company that you are accepting in light of threats to and vulnerabilities in IT systems and operations.

The Security Operations Center must maintain a prepared, proactive stance against outside cyber security threats. However, if you are in a risk management capacity, you also know how difficult it can be to identify, assess and quantify business risks in IT operations, without the right quantifiable metrics at your fingertips. Moreover, justifying increases in spending or changes in operations designed to reduce risks, without the clear, data-driven insights you require to back up your decisions can be virtually impossible.

You need a solution that enables you to understand the risk you are accepting in order to protect the reputation, security and prosperity of your organization. This requires meaningful data and actionable cyber risk intelligence that is easy to communicate.

"When we developed the GreySpark Risk Intelligence platform, we were being asked by DHS/ICE [Department of Homeland Security/Immigrations and Customs Enforcement] non-technical leadership to explain to them how well the SOC [Secure Operations Center] was performing in keeping their vast global network secure from cyber threats. Nobody knew how to categorize and quantify risk across a global operations with over 400 offices and nearly 30,000 systems being monitored. We created GreySpark to turn complex cyber security telemetry into uniform data that could be used to mathematically drive risk metrics everyone understood."


Matt Sweeney, FourV Systems

Resources for Improved Security Operations

GreySpark is the Solution

GreySpark is designed to improve the management of security operations while making it easier to communicate value to the rest of the business.


Make Decisions Faster

Stop wasting time analyzing piles of data from multiple tools before making a decision. GreySpark prioritizes your risks across all data sources. All you have to do is act.


Track Tangible Data

Never lose sight of the data behind the metrics. You can easily drill down to see exactly what events happened, when they happened and which areas of the business need focus.


Simplify Reporting

Automatically generate reports designed specifically for both technical and nontechnical leadership at the touch of a button.

Power From Perspective

View your security program from all the right angles to assess maturity, operation and compliance, report to stakeholders and create a strategic security road map.

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Business intelligence is no longer just for the CEO. It's time to revolutionize the way Security Operations communicates with the rest of the business.

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