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Business Intelligence for Security Operations.

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Power From Perspective

View your security operations from all the right angles to see what your risks are, where they are coming from, and which ones to tackle first.

Created Specifically for Security Operations

GreySpark is designed to improve the management of security operations while making it easier to communicate value to the rest of the business.


Make Decisions Faster

Stop collecting and organizing data, and start prioritizing operations. GreySpark automates the collection, identification, and normalization of any security vendor data and calculates security operations metrics that drive decisions.


Track Tangible Metrics

Never lose sight of the data behind the metrics or their context. GreySpark knows the business context and provides immediate drill-down and filtering to identify just those data that were the most important in driving metrics.


Simplify Reporting

Stop juggling spreadsheets or trying to bend your SIEM into providing the reports that you need. At the touch of a button, GreySpark automates the process of turning data into contextual metrics and reports both your technical and non-technical audience will appreciate.

Customize GreySpark to Meet Your Needs

Select the package that best fits your needs. We've highlighted the common packages for different uses.

Security Assessment Services

Security Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting

Security Operations Centers

Cyber Security Risk, Performance and Controls Diagnostics & Reporting

GreySpark Provides Value Right Away

Initial setup and installation can be complete within an hour and you can be making actionable decisions from real data in as little as 15 days. You can have actionable controls coverage, operations and compliance information same-day. Metrics are best with context and calibration, so we think it is worth the wait to get them in as little as 15 days from initial deployment.


Deploy Collector and Connect Data Sources


Enter Security Operations Technologies & Processes Used


See Architectural, Operational and Compliance Security Gaps


Transform Raw Data into Security Operations Metrics

Created Specifically for Security Operations

GreySpark is designed to streamline the management of security operations while making it easy to communicate its value and performance to business stakeholders.



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Our Process

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Why Choose GreySpark?

GreySpark delivers the intelligence you wish was in security technologies you already have. Business intelligence is no longer just for the business managers. With GreySpark, security operations gains equal footing in business decisions.

Find out what makes GreySpark different than other security tools.


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