How do you tell your story when no news is good news?

Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) operating in today’s cyber security landscape face a unique challenge. On the one hand, they are tasked with managing and alerting their clients to threats and vulnerabilities in an increasingly-hostile and complex security operating environment.  On the other, the predominance of what would be considered news is negative, which sheds a bad light on the value delivered.  Adding to this, is that clients don't want generic reports; they want MSSPs to answer the question, "How well is MY security operation performing to protect and enable MY business?"

MSSPs are asked to solve the near impossible problem of providing a detailed and bespoke service at economy scale and cost.  Therefore, it can be difficult to meet client expectations even while providing excellent security services.

Without an understanding of the value being delivered, client budgetary constraints create a perpetual adverse incentive to ask for more services at lower cost while competition in the manged service provider space continues to flourish.  In order to increase retention and new sales It is important clearly demonstrate the significant value you provide to your customers and how your delivery differentiates you from your competitors.

As an MSSP, you need a dynamic diagnostic and reporting solution that empowers you to take an accurate pulse of a client's IT security operations performance and key control indicators.  However, you need to do this without incurring the significant overhead required to hand-craft every report and status update.  An analytics solution that automatically rationalizes the client's environment into contextual reports of operations performance, environment maturity and compliance enables you to demonstrate value while keeping costs competitive.

By making performance (and value) obvious and explicit, you no longer have to fight for recognition. This differentiates you from your competitors, decreases your cost of operations, and generates openings where you can leverage the excellent security services you are delivering into up-sell opportunities.

"Helping customers understand the business value of the security operations that we provide is crucial. The GreySpark platform allows us to easily communicate this value to our customers as well as provide risk-based insight to our analysts. "


Jason Wolford, PM Rackspace Managed Security Practice

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GreySpark is the Solution

GreySpark is designed to improve the management of security operations while making it easier to communicate value to the rest of the business.


Communicate Value to Clients

Easily demonstrate cyber security program performance and success to your clients.


Increase Profitability

Manage significantly more clients in less time, while delivering better results.


Position Yourself as a Strategic Partner

Improve your ability to retain clients and provide premium services.

Power From Perspective

View your security operations from all the right angles to see what your risks are, where they are coming from, and which ones to tackle first.

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