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As a managed security services provider (MSSP), you want to provide your clients with a cyber security solution that is functional and reliable, as well as cost-effective. However, your clients do not always see the value of their investment in security, and - more often than not - are subject to more cyber risk than they either realize, or are willing to accept.

GreySpark can help you address this issue and differentiate yourself with your clients, as it is the only solution capable of translating existing tool and sensor data into data-driven measurements of IT security health. Moreover, as our partner, you will experience increased profitability with GreySpark in your arsenal, while also gaining a supportive partner invested in your success.

The Customer.png

The Customer

Needs a functional, reliable, cost-effective solution to proactively protect against the ever-increasing threat of cyber attacks.

The Consultant.png

The Consultant

Prioritizes ease of use because the more efficient they can be with their time, the more customers they can support and the more their business grows.

The Market.png

The Market

Growing at a rapid pace, as technology drives change in organizations, increasing the need for security and executive reporting.

The Issue.png

The Issue

As customers invest in more complex tools and capabilities, their ability to understand their risk posture and trends decreases.

The Result.png

The Result

Customers have little assurance that their security investment is worthwhile. They struggle to prioritize identified issues and are still subject to more risk than they realize.

The Solution.png

The Solution

The GreySpark platform enables customers to quantify risk and accurately assess defense effectiveness.

The Provider.png

The Provider

FourV Systems solutions translate existing tool and sensor data into a fact-driven measurement of IT security health.

How GreySpark Works for You

Dashboard of Dashboards

Streamline your account management, with the ability to track and compare the health of all clients from within a single dashboard view.

Rapid Deployment

The GreySpark platform can be deployed within weeks, not months, allowing your customers to understand their risk posture in a timely fashion and you to add value and realize revenue growth faster.

Manage the Security Conversation

Have more effective conversations about client needs, thanks to GreySpark's data-driven insights into risks and the security team's performance.

FourV Systems Channel Program Structure

Partner Level Revenue Commitment Educational Requirement % of Leads MDFs Standard Discount Deal Registration Additional Discount for Hosting in AWS
Authorized Platinum $1M+ 3 Technical Certs 50% Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gold $750k 2 Technical Certs 30% Yes Yes Yes Yes
Silver $500k 1 Technical Cert 20% N/A Yes Yes Yes
Non-Authorized Bronze N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A Yes Yes
Partner Level Authorized Non-Authorized
Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Revenue Commitment $1M+ $750k $500k N/A
Educational Requirement 3 Technical Certs 2 Technical Certs 1 Technical Cert N/A
% of Leads 50% 30% 20% N/A
MDFs Yes Yes N/A N/A
Standard Discount Yes Yes Yes N/A
Deal Registration Yes Yes Yes Yes
Additional Discount for Hosting in AWS Yes Yes Yes Yes

Partnership Benefits for VARs and MSSPs

Business Development Support

  • Funds and marketing collateral to drive shared opportunities.

  • Technical support, enabling you with more qualified sales opportunities.

  • Business reviews and support, that align with your calendar.

Increased Profitability

  • Competitive pricing and discounts, with limited authorizations per region.

  • Deal registration at any partnership level.

  • A true channel-first approach.

  • Support for special pricing opportunities.

Investment in Your Growth

  • Four commitment levels to choose from, based on the needs of your business.

  • Recognition as an authorized or nonauthorized partner.

  • The ability to resell or service your clients with the dynamic GreySpark platform.

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See how GreySpark Central empowered an MSSP to clearly demonstrate the value of their services while enabling scalable, efficient growth in their client base.

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