Simplify the Complexity of Information Technology Risk

Intuitively measure, analyze and visualize operational and cyber risk

In the face of cyber challenges, existing risk management solutions race to identify the latest threats and vulnerabilities, then react to protect the environment.  While this is useful for analysts, it does not assess an organization’s cyber security operations performance or what business-risk-relevant drivers are.

Not surprisingly, managers, executives and board members are struggling to find confidence in their cyber strategy or effectively translate cyber risks and results to decisions impacting the bottom line. Cyber confidence begins with moving beyond guessing how much cyber risk you have or whether your defenses and processes are working.

GreySpark offers the capability to:

  • Leverage existing tools and sensors to measure IT security performance
  • Report a simple, up-to-date score reflecting the IT risk of an organization
  • "5 clicks" to understanding the technology drivers of business risk
  • Enable the CISO to effectively communicate with business managers
  • Build confidence in the overall health of IT security operations
  • Close the gap between organizational risk management and IT
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